My-E-Health — your modern company health care

Health and psychological wellbeing is crucial for a modern, productive work life. My-E-Health can become an important part of Your Company Health Care by keeping track of the health and wellbeing of your Employees. With a package of turnkey solutions we will help your organization to improve the working conditions and to prevent stress and illness. Then you and your team can focus and engage in participation and productive activity,feeling good at work and beyond.

Complete company healthcare online

My-E-Health provides your company with a fully automated system of assessments and statistical reports concerning the health and wellbeing of your employees including demographic and department differences and deviations as well as trends and historical information. As a company you can also design your own surveys through our platform. Your reports are dynamic and can therefore be available 24/7. You can also schedule reports for weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Reports can be in for the form of overview reports or even focus on specific questions, trends or anomalies within your company. My-E-Health has the most effective way for you to understand and strengthen the health and wellbeing of your employees. Static instruments and reports are a thing of the past and My-E-Health's new dynamic reports and analysis is here to stay.

Ounce of prevention — pound of cure

As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and it cannot be truer, especially in mental health and wellbeing. Identifying negative thoughts early gives us time to reframe the understanding of these thoughts, create and implement action steps in the form of copying skills and possible adaption strategies. Once a negative thought matures into feelings and behaviors, symptoms leading to illness are harder to treat and far more costly for all parties concerned. My-E-Health is less expensive and less time-consumingthan any other retroactive method. My-E-Health gives you the ability to proactively identify deviations or anomalies concerning a single person within your entire organization. Counsellors can then help the individuals with the necessary tools to identify and address any issue, with individual oriented action plans and short-term goals. Addressing an anomaly whilst still in the preliminary phase prior to becoming a psychosomatic symptom is both quicker and less expensive, not to mention ethically correct and in line with most CRMs today.

Your company saves big time

Naturally, all assessments are tracked in our database and linked to the individuals, throughout their employment careers within your organization. This historical data is extremely important as it serves as an internal benchmark for your organization. The various reports provide you with individual, department and company wide data which can be invaluable when planning personnel development and leadership strategies.

Company license

Never again will you have to prioritize who takes an assessment or counselling because of a limited budget. With our license agreement you can keep your focus on what you do best and we will monitor the psychological wellbeing of your company. If you can improve each individual's wellbeing by just 10% your incremental companywide productivity will soar beyond your expectations.