Online counselling is an effective form of treatment for physical meetings. Many people such as the elderly have difficulty accessing medical clinics and it is a hardship and time consuming for many hard working people. Healthcare is also about a "good bedside manner" in that it makes healthcare more accessible to your customers is just good business sense. Online care brings the future of medicine to your fingertips and My-E-Health offers a digital platform where you as a healthcare provider can use our advanced digital tools to share journals between psychotherapy and physicians to provide consistency in treatment, prevent abuse, and to treat and monitor your patients' mental health and wellbeing.

We are always looking for experienced and driven psychologists, psychotherapists and physicians (all specialties) who would like to join our network of caregivers. If you are a healthcare provider at My-E-Health, you can choose how much and where you want to work. You can input which days, hours and times you are available to work and your patients will be able to book a time directly with you directly from their calendar. We provide a digital ecosystem where you and your clients communicate through interactive and dynamic video consultation platform, a common desktop, journal and several advanced analytical tools.

My-E-Health works primarily with preventing mental health, but physician services are provided as well. As a healthcare professional you’ll have access to a fully integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy platform with a number of proven psychometrics that you can easily use. The system provides a comfortable environment where you and your patient can connect and interact as easily focus on your clients' health and well-being thereby strengthening their ability to solve problems.

My-E-Health provides tools for medical visits where patients fill in their medical profiles and current ailments requiring a particular medical visit. These are automatically entered into the patient’s journal and ready for viewing by the physician. Naturally, the visit should run as smoothly as possible. Patients' have the ability to choose doctors from the MD profiles. This is a valuable key to maintaining continuity and stability in healthcare. Doctors' can also upload graphic charts or pictures to the session as we as save them to the patients' journal.