It's all about you

The online assessments are about you, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs and your psychological well-being. Your assessments are your private information. Your personal page is encrypted and only you and My-E-Health have access. No personal information will be released nor will it be divulged to your company. All personal data is kept strictly confidential according to Swedish ethics legislation.

Online counselor

Convenient, affordable, private online counseling. Anytime, anywhere. Your empathetic, attentive and suggestive counsellor is available for you when you need that extra help to see your issues clearly and find a good path to handle them. You can choose your own counsellor or be suggested the best fit for your needs. It's professional. All counselors are licensed, accredited professionals. You are in good hands: My e-Health offers the opportunity for you to connect with your therapists in a safe and private online environment. Anything you share is confidential. It is affordable: You may be eligible for a remittance to a set of support sessions, This is handled by visiting our online doctors.

Identify and prevent stress factors

If your assessments indicate frustration or stress, My-E-Health will help you to identify them and assist you in finding one or more coping skills to neutralize them as soon as possible, and before they become a symptom. Together, we will help you to proactively identify any related issues and be there with you to deal with them. When you need someone to talk to your counselor is only a click away. When taking the assessments your honesty is extremely important, it's all about you and knowing yourself.

The key to well-being

Knowing yourself is your key to your well-being and our counselors will guide you in understanding them. This in turn will lead to both personal growth and inner success. Your integrity and well-being is our mission.

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